Mrs. Ruden Treats Me to an Erotic Experience

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Description: I'm taking a college course in adult film making. One of my assignments is to search for models to be in the film. Mrs. Ruden is a 40 something BBW lady. She's divorced, so she lives alone. I invited Mrs. Ruden over to discuss my college project and I was very nervous, but to my surprise she wasn’t, in fact, she was excited. When I told her what the project was and that I'd like her to be my model for it she readily agreed, and we got started. Mrs. Ruden disrobed, lit up a cigarette and smoked for me completely nude while I filmed her. At the end, Mrs. Ruden was spreading her legs and giving me a full beaver shot of her hairy cunt. I kept noticing that she seemed to want to touch herself and when I gave her the go ahead, she went after that hairy cunt with her fingers. You could hear how wet she was when she was masturbating and after a few minutes she brought herself to a powerful orgasm.
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