Stepmom has a different approach to finding a release

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Description: Stepmom thinks I've been spending too much time watching porn, but who cares? I like porn, so I should be able to watch as much of it as I want! Sweetie, you've been looking at way too much of that stuff. You really should be focused on doing well in college! I'm doing fine in class. stepmom, don't worry about it. Umm, no you haven't, I checked your grades today and they could definitely use some improvement. She wasn't wrong about my grades; I try to explain to her that it's been tough putting any effort into college since my breakup. Well, maybe I can help you find some motivation to help with your grades. My stepmom lifts up her shirt exposing her perfect womanly titties. I knew what was happening was wrong, but it was so too hot to look away! There was no stopping her, watching my stepmother slip out of her yoga pants, crawl on top of me, and take control of my cock is unlike anything I've experienced before! Oh my god I can't believe stepdad has you all to himself
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