Letting My New Pervert Stepbro Use Me Sexually - Kira Perez

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Description: I can't help staring at her. My stepsister Kira is an absolute vixen. She shakes her little booty while she showers, soap running down her body. She isn't pleased when she catches me. Later that week, she is listening to music and wearing tiny shorts. I can almost see her pussy as she stretches, bends & lays on the bed. She doesn't seem very pleased when she catches me staring again. Now she wants to talk about it. I admit I like staring at her ass. She thinks it's weird but she is nice about it. She doesn't mind if I look at her while jerking my dick. She doesn't want me to touch though. We get interrupted before I can finish. A couple of days later I try again. I ask her to jerk my cock for me, so she gives me a handjob. She asks if I've ever fucked a girl. I haven't. She asks if I want to put it inside her. I do. She scrolls her feed while I tap her from behind. She lets me flips her over and fuck her hairy pussy too. I think she likes it, but she's trying to hide it from me.
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