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Czech Streets – Sold Girlfriend

Duration: 8:13 Submitted: Mar 05 Submitted by:
Description: Greetings to all the friends of Czech streets, fucking in public places. I hit the streets with my camera and my pockets filled with cash because times are bad and every penny counts. I met a beautiful girl named Paja and her boyfriend Tomas. Under the pretext of filming an interview, I felt them up one by one and then went on the mission. In fairness, I suggested to Tomas that he sell me his girlfriend for sex, on the condition that he would watch. Well, let me tell you, it was a hard one. First, he wanted to smash my face, and of course, she categorically disagreed. I raised my offer and waited for their reaction. Everyone has their price and so I finally got permission to visit the pussy of the beautiful Paja. I fucked that pussy like the last dirty whore. I pulled her hair, spanked her ass, and enjoyed the way the unfortunate guy had to watch. He didn't last long, though, and he soon disappeared. So I cum for a second time and went too. I enjoy these interviews. Check it out and en
Content from: xH
Models: Olivia Sparkle

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