Sleepover Turns Salacious When Alien Creature POSSESSES Eve Sweet and Ellie Luna Making Them Fuck

Duration: 13:46 Submitted: Feb 25 Submitted by:
Description: Eve Sweet and Ellie Luna were having a sleepover when, in the middle of the night, Eve awoke to the sensation of her pussy being fingered. Initially assuming it was her friend pleasuring her, it was only when it was too late that she realized the source of the pleasure was an alien parasite. The creature possessed her, driving her into a frenzy of sexual pleasure. Eve climbs on top of her friend and pins her down while more parasites approach and they slide into Ellie’s pussy. Now the aliens take complete control and their intense lesbian action starts! Eve and Ellie were soon in a state of ecstasy, moaning and gasping for more as they finger and eat each other’s pussy until they both reach orgasm.
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