SeeHimFuck: See The Professional Debut Of Jaxson Briggs with Sophia Sweet on PornHD

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Description: See HIM Fuck is pleased as punch to bring you the professional debut of Jaxson Briggs and we paired HIM up with the lovely Sweet Sophia & her talented tongue for this week's update. After our tireless director Johnny Robins helps us get to know a little about HIM Jaxson stands and disrobes with the assistance of Sophia who just had to get a taste of that BBC once it was free from those See HIM boxers. Sophia grabs the lube and gets HIM all slick & stiff before sniffing & licking his hairy armpits & suckling on his nipple. She then allows HIM to take a seat so she can sniff and lick his socked & bare feet. Next up is Round 1 of the ass-eating as Sophia rims HIM while Jaxson is spread-eagle via the rusty trombone and with HIM in a reverse piledriver. The 2 then trade oral treats as first Jaxson goes down on her followed by Sophia sucking & slobbering on his stiff prick. Round 2 of the ass-eating has HIM copping a quick squat on Sophia's face and then we get to the fucking! Sophia takes all of HIM via the cowgirl front & backward piledriver doggystyle missionary & folded up like a pretzel until Jaxson pulls on and makes a map of Hawaii on her belly. We followed the two stars into the shower after for some post-sex comments...and sex lol
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